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I am a gentle, honest, caring guy. I am too trusting for my own good I'm not stupid but sometimes people suck me in. I am not racist I treat everybody nicely and politely until they give me a reason not to be. I like to hang with my mates but I prefer the company of ladies I have many girl friends but no girlfriend, if you know what I mean, I have a sexual thirst that cannot be quenched. I will do just about any thing in bed but it is always up to my partner, long sessions in the spa are my fav . I love to give girls oral I dont stop until they have cum at least once. You say, like me till I scream, I say, okay!
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I dont really know what I am looking for I suppose I will know when I find it. I have enough friends I think at the moment to be honest I am just looking for sex and if I find something else, well that will be a bonus. If you are honest, open and a caring person then Im sure we will get along just fine. Everybody is beautiful in bed!