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iam just your average down to eartH aussie male whether thats a gOod Thing or not thats up to you.iaM A little rough around the edges..Iam who iam there will be no one Like,i will never change iam a individual.i enjoy most of all getting out in my boat in the middle of the ocean and just letting the world pass me by.i work nite shift 3 nites a week 60 long hours on the road so i have a lot of thinking time which i do enjoy.yes iam attached and i could say a whole load of crap why iam here but i wont ,so if you need to know more please ask me.if you join my nick name with the capital letters you can email me
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iam looking for Female
Between ages of 28 and 45 Yrs
I am looking for someone who is genuine........ friendly, honest, funny,soft, gentle, enjoys taking one day at a time, earthly,spiritual,loves animals,enjoys life,. non judgemental,enjoys her own time. A good friend. willing to try anything once and who knows what she wants when she wants it and not afraid to go out and get it.iam looking for friendship if anything more happens thats a bonus.