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well here we go ever so cleche.

I am great!! haha no but seriously, i am a very fun loving kinda guy who knows where he has been and knows where he is going. i have not had a sheltered life so i am strong. i have lived through a real life, not some predetermined attempt of a robotic cleche sheltered life. but i love to have fun, i am 19 now, and therefor only have like the rest of this year to be able to be a "Teenager" so i wanna make it count!! here's to the PUB!!!!! yeah!!!!!

And Then there is Dom n Liza they are my most fav lesbianz in the whole wide world!!!!
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all i ask for is that people dont be rude, i want to drive away into the sunset with my ideal boifriend while playing "Here In Your Arms By Hello-Goodbye" i want there to be romance, and flowers, to be asked how my day was, and i want to feel loved and appreciated. i have always longed for that. i know it sounds like i want some little airy fairy dream to happen, but its jus all the things i do that i have never been given back. Also i want to be in a serious relationship, but not to have a dad, i already have a dad. i dont want to be told what i can do who i can do it with or when i can do it. i am faithful, and monogamos, and i have never cheated. but i want to have fun! i want to be loved. i want my sunset drive hand in hand with mr.......... well mr. good for me.

oh and there are no such things as happy endings.... but there are good endings, and thats all i want. MWAH My Little Princess'