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Ann Arbor
im not big on boosting myself, i rather be judged in person... it always seems to work out better that way
im just an honest person seekin someone different in my life, and to start doing some things i hadnt thought of doing myself.. still neeed more info, i thought i just avoided that well enough!!! meet me, then ull know what your in for!!!
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im good at choosing, but i really have to be able to talk to and/or see the person before i can tell you if they are what im lookin for
to be really honest, this isnt a personality or looks contest here...i just want someone who wants what i want, to enjoy life, and have un with it, and b as cheeky as i am!!!
i just love females all shapes sizes and attitudes...and every different type has their own good points... i think of it like i do cars....they all have pros and cons
although, i do beleive sex is an important thing