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Well al ittle bit about me ok then here we go. Well I have a fairly outgoing sort of a personality and am a very self confident type of guy but not full of myself at the same time. I am very nuturing and caring about the one that I am with and truely believe that a lady should always be treated like a princess and made to feel very special. I am very down to earth but not a yobbo. Have a good sense of humour and can also take a joke as well as give it back the same as I get. I belive in old fashioned values such as never playing up behind my girl friends back but at the same time I dont get jealous when i notice the one I am with talking to some one or being chatted up by some one instead I feel it to be more of a compliment as i always know that at the end of the day that special girl will always end up being with me at the end of the day or night. I am looking for the type of woman that no matter where you are no matter what you are doing you have that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomache just by holding hands and being with her, wheather it be being dragged thru an endless line up of dress shops or shoe shops or over a romantic dinner I just love the feeling of contentedness that you get whwen you are with the one that you feel so strongly about. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am a fairly easy going guy that truely has a big place in his heart for that one special person. I am a monogomist and would never stray, god I sound like a dog nowI dont mind if the woman I am with goes on girls nights out but as for me I generally try to envolve her rather than me go on boys nights out as I believe that time spent together is precious. There is a saying which I always go by and that is beuaty is only skin deep and true beauty radiates from within.
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would really love to find a fun happy woman that loves life and fills every moment with special and happy times.