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I donít seem to be having much luck on this site and most of the ladies are complaining about my profile. "You shouldn't talk about motorbikes and rock concerts, girls want to meet a man NOT a boy" was one comment offered recently. So I have decided to do what every other man on here seems to be doing and LIE A LOT. So here goes -

The pressures of being an Activist & Astronaut were just too much for me. Saving the lives of beached whales AND traveling to outer space every week was taking its toll. I had to quit. I was so excited that I had finally retired (filthy rich) that I hurried home (in my Porsche) to tell my wife of 12 years - we were childhood sweethearts and met at kindy. Thatís when I got the shock of my life. I found her in bed with my best friend and ALL I could say was "BAD DOG..BAD DOG". I felt so humiliated. I cried and cried and cried because thatís what I love to do...cry...a lot and take long walks on the beach. But Iím over that sad stage in my life now and have decided to move on. A good friend of mine (ex President Bill Clinton) told me about this great web site and said I could meet my future wife on here! So if your out there, please contact me. I would love to hear from you. Although, I'm keeping myself very busy now so I might not be able to respond that quickly. Yep, the stock market is booming now and my investments are just consuming all my time plus any spare time goes to those poor little sick orphans in hospital that I read books to as often as I can. But try and contact me anyway because I would love to hear from you no matter how old / fat / ugly you are.
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I'm not too fussy, as I said earlier, I dont care if your old or fat or ugly. The only thing I will say is that I DONT like kids, unless you have some, in which case I love them.

Thats it, I changed my profile for the better! I can just sit back now and watch the kisses roll in! Talk to U soon!