Waste of Casual sex

Yesterday evening I was sitting in a coffee shop here in Bangkok, when in walked a very attractive young woman who wears a t-shirt that said, “Today is Casual Sex day.” Moments later, a handsome young man was wearing a shirt that said: “be a drop of rain; end my drought “. They read each other’s shirts and immediately started to chat. Ten minutes later, coffee in hand, they left together.

Frankly, I was shocked, not the moral ethics of it, but the work ethic. When I was a young man, it took a lot of effort to find the cheap sex, meaningless. I put on a lot of kilometers hopping bar, paid a lot of taxes and a lot of hangovers. Even so, sometimes it took me weeks to find a young woman willing to lower his standards enough to afford in her boudoir for the evening. Along the way, I was routinely squirted in the face with drinks, slapped, verbally abused and misunderstood status report of a woman, sometimes beaten by her boyfriend college linebacker.


The point is, I earned my temporary loving, and I have the tequila bottle scars on top of my head to prove it.

And desires of the young woman? Don’t you realize what kind of disappointment, that she is creating herself for making this easy? Of course, in the old days, might be annoying to go out clubbing and have guys like me will hound the bar all night. But with our relentless persistence, our willingness to sacrifice every last shred of our pride and dignity, at least you knew that if it happened in a moment of weakness perfectly forgivable, to succumb to our charms reptiles, that we were there for the entire report of six hours. You knew that, when the Sun came up and his golden rays illuminated our face scruffy, unshaven on your pillow, you would get all the reasons that you should never, ever make a stupid mistake again.

By itself by serving on his t-shirt, what this young hot women has to look to the future? Sure, it might work if everything goes smoothly. But what if … what if prior to sexual intercourse that she wants to have a few drinks for you numb to the depressing emptiness of everything? What happens if you have a few too many and accidentally throws his shoes? Do you think Mr. Raindrop, which has no real effort has been invested in the relationship is going to stick around for this? No response. All that she is going to end up with is a puddle of vomit with two footprints in it, and I’m sorry – I’m not trying to be harsh – but she will have nobody to blame but herself.


Look, I realize that when people get older, they tend to look back on their youth with rose-colored glasses and start preaching personal opinions as wisdom. But this problem do casual sex is too easy. If it spreads, it could permanently degrade the ability of stupidly bang your head against the seemingly immovable objects, thus depriving women of one of their cheaper forms of entertainment, not to mention a reliable source of free drinks and false flattery.

Don’t take that chance, Sir. When he gets all dolled up for a night out this weekend, don’t advertise your interest to us, let alone the receptivity to a quick romp, meaningless. Act aloof, indifferent. Practice, rolling his eyes and making disgusted faces. Spend time in house slaps melons and splashing drinks on them. If you insist on wearing shirts expressive, choose some lines used to hear all the time, like, “as if”, “In your dreams”, or “not if you were the last man on Earth”. And whatever you do, don’t succumb to some sleazy meathead overtures until you dismissed at least a half-dozen times.

Sara Allen

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