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I have now been in the swinger lifestyle for six years and I just don’t see an end to it. I know couples in their 50s that still swing. The reason it was so easy for me to merge into the date me swinger lifestyle is because I was already sexually open and this lifestyle was a no judgment zone for me to continue my sexual exploits.

For others it may not be so easy. I do sometimes have feelings of guilt and shame as do other women. But it’s only because society frowns upon our activities but I believe it’s only because they do not understand it. My motto is living my life for me. If I can look myself in the mirror and men seeking women friends dating love what I see staring back at me then I know I have nothing to be ashamed of. And so I continue on my path in the swinger lifestyle.

I was reading a fascinating article today on the Sydney Morning Herald entitled “Women as keen on group sex as men” and thought what a great topic to discuss today. In my previous post “Welcome to the single date me swinger lifestyle” I briefly touched on this same topic. Women rule the swinger lifestyle.

If women aren’t feeling the atmosphere then nothing happens. There is much respect and empowerment for women in this lifestyle. The men seeking women are very subservient and that pleases us as women. I really recommend you read the article; it’s very informative and gives the views of the swinger lifestyle from the woman’s point of view.

Friends Dating

Friends Dating

This is a good as time as any to tell you how I got into the swinger lifestyle. I previously mentioned it was by accident but I was having group sex long before I joined the official single dating swinger lifestyle. I have always been a sexually exploratory person; it started when I was really young. I started watching porn at age nine and had my first girl on girl experience when I was 12 and I was hooked.

But back then it was not acceptable as it is today to be a teenage girl interested in other teenage girls so I turned my attention to what was dating search socially acceptable, boys. It wasn’t until college however when I begin to really learn myself. I met many men and women who taught me different sexual techniques and I practiced and made them better, made them my own.

I surrounded myself with sexually open minded men and women and that’s how I found the official swinger lifestyle. A female friends dating invited me to a swinger’s event; I was hooked and I haven’t looked back since.

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