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Simple romantic surprises are easy and fun ways to keep up the excitement and romance in your relationship. Whether you’ve been together for 3 months or 3 decades, there’s lots of simple, easy every day ways to show your partner that you still care and are still thinking about him or her.

Sometimes, practical can be sexy. It’s never a good idea to get your partner a practical gift for his or her birthday or for Valentine’s Day, but practical gifts can make especially thoughtful spur of the moment “just because” gifts for anyone. Is the calculator your wife uses to balance the checkbook every month on its last legs? Getting her a nicer, newer model might ease her frustrations. Does your husband struggle every morning to find a tie to wear? Maybe a nice tie rack would help him get organized and give him a few extra minutes of sleep each morning.

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Buy your partner a collector’s edition of a favorite book, DVD, game or CD. These special collector’s editions often include special gifts, bonuses, prizes or just bonus material like interviews, commentary, video and music clips, or just a nicer case or cover. Giving him a special Collector’s Edition DVD of his favorite film is sure to make his weekend a happy one.

Be the decision maker for dating sites on a day. Plan everything from what’s going into the kids’ lunches to what you’re having for dinner to what your partner will wear to work the next morning. Think through all the responsibilities your partner has every day, and ease or eliminate as many as possible. Helping your partner in the decision making process can lead to a more stress-free day for him or her.

Plan a getaway. Planning a vacation can be stressful, and there’s nothing nicer than having everything taken care of – he or she just has to get in the car with you and go! Make arrangements for gas, hotel, meals and activities. If appropriate, ask your partner’s bosses for a secret vacation day, that way he or she won’t even have to deal with getting off of work on the spur of the moment.

Replace something of your dating websites that is old or worn. Does he have a favorite jean jacket that’s seen better days? While it’s hard to replace such a well loved item, pick out something nice that he might want to wear instead.

Create a romantic meal. This is a classic, but it works every time. Purchase fresh ingredients and cook something that will fill your home with wonderful aromas your partner will smell as soon as he or she comes home from work. Always include candlelight and your best dishes and linens. Serve your partner the meal you’ve cooked, and be sure to ask how the day went. Your partner will feel loved, cared for, and full!

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