Dating Advice: How to Meet More Women

Being late has already become a common situation for most of us. Especially for students who can’t wake up too early for their classes. We often find ourselves thinking of alibis and asking for apologies for our tardiness. Tardiness in fact has become a way of life for most of us. Some don’t care about it adult swingers are even proud of it. For those who are used to it, its easy to get their selves out of trouble most of the time. Here’s a realization for all of us though: the amount of opportunities we get are directly correlated to how EARLY we are to things.

asian singles dating come and join us

asian singles dating come and join us

Here’s an example situation:

I had a dinner meeting with a client at exactly 8pm and there I was, bursting my way out of the house when I suddenly remembered that I have changed the clock the night before. So I checked the time again and to my surprise, I was not late yet. In fact, I have some more time to kill.So being early to sex tonight was something new to me. So I didn’t go directly to the place. I stopped into a coffee shop first and picked up some coffee.
Then I got myself with about half a dozen girls, and two of which I actually ended up sleeping with.

That’s how I realized that if hadn’t been running early, I would never have met those women. Also, it was a very relaxing state for me being early which was clearly perceptible to the single women I have been chatting with.Through this, I have also realized that my behavior pattern before had lost me some opportunities. Because every time I was running late to something I couldn’t get to talk to some girls I saw. I always ran out of time and that is my excuse as always. However valid it may seem, it was still an excuse.

With that excuse, the solution was very clear and its my dating advice to you:
Start being early!We usually meet women on our way to somewhere. Since most of us are not full time pickup artists, it is not as easy for us to approach women and chat with them as how the pickup artists do it. Being an early bird could give us more chance to approach and talk with some women we meet.So you’ll thank me later with these people dating tips of mine if you get to meet more women by being early. Though there are instances where it’s fine to be late and that’s a date with a woman.

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