Dating Advice For Men – How to Handle Her When She Plays Hard to Get

This comes as no surprise to men – “Women play hard to get.” Come on guys, we all know this, but it still drives us nuts sometimes.

But when she does this to you, take heart. It can actually be a good thing. Here’s what I mean…

Women play hard to get for two reasons. First, they find it exciting. And be honest – doesn’t it force you to play your best game when she acts that way. The second reason she will play hard men dating to get is to put you to the test. Women are constantly being hit on by guys. They want to know if you are for real, or just another face in the crowd.
You can’t blame a woman for wanting to have a little fun or for wanting to test you out. So what do you do when a woman plays hard to get?

First – Stay Cool: Never let her get you frustrated. If she does, never let her see it. Keep your game face on and you’ll get what you want. You will have “passed the test” when she discovers she can’t get under your skin.

found women through adult friend finder

found women through adult friend finder

Second – Play a Little Hard to Get Yourself: Don’t cater to her every whim. Don’t pick up the phone on the first ring. Play the game and have some fun yourself. You can find dating girls who will say you shouldn’t do this, but often women don’t know what they want anyway. Always take action based on how they respond, not what they say.

Finally, Think About This: Who do women talk about more – The guy that’s always available for internet dating is the one they can’t hold on to. If you’re unsure about this, listen in to a bunch of women talking about men. You will see it’s the man who plays hard to get who they talk about the most – Not the nice guy that’s always there for them.

This all things men will look when he is being going for casual dating with one of the women so that he can enjoy with her.

Sara Allen

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