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Women are not alone in thinking they are going to lose their sex drive when menopause visits.

You have to turn that scowl upside down because if there is lose of sex drive it is not because of menopause.If you ask any dating personals women that have already met up with menopause most will tell you their sex drive is stronger. Levels of sex hormones in body decrease dramatically.

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With a decrease in testosterone which is responsible for sexual desire and lubrication, progesterone which maintains libido and estrogen which enhances sexual sensitivity it is no wonder that physically we may feel less sexy during and after menopause. The symptoms will start at different times for each dating single woman and can get worse over time if not addressed and managed with some form of treatment or compensation.

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Adult Dating Personals

Adult Dating Personals

Luckily, women menopause can be just another challenge that they can successfully overcome by adopting changes in their lifestyle. It is highly praiseworthy that today’s woman adult personals can strain her family life, her carrier and marriage. Menopause marks the end of a fertility and is characterized by night sweats, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, and vaginal dryness among others.

It occurs a year after your last menstruation or at the age of 51 but the signs and symptoms of menopause can occur earlier in adult personals woman.

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