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Newly separated from controlling relationship. Have baggage but not looking for a replacement to take care of that. Got that all covered. Happy with myself and with my stage in life.

Not looking for a comittment.... just want to get out there . Bit of a Bridget Jones and working down that diary list...nice English accent to boot !. Have very dry British humor, and very easy going nature.

Looking for someone to have some fun with, don't need someone who demands all my attention but will treat me with respect, kindness and passion.

Please NO married guys or attached. To much hassle, and I like my eggs unfertilised...ha ha
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Easy going guy not looking for love, just the company of a good woman. Need to get back out there and test the waters !. Have own comittments, am financially independent. Looking for someone with a brain and great conversation. Lets start there and see how it goes !!!.