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A little about me. I'm 6 ft 2, blonde, blue-eyed, and generally quite girly, uless it comes to burping and farting; in which case, my brothers taught me well. The funny thing is, I'm not going to backspace through all that....which will most likely look rather embarrasing on this profile...meh.

I have this horrible disease where sarcasm spills from every part of me. Unfortunately that prevents people from taking me seriously almost %100 percent of the time. They can never tell when I'm actually being serious. And I'm a joker; a zany, crazy, kooky clown. I wont lie to you; I really do enjoy being the centre of attention...unless I've just been busted crying through an episode of Neighbours, then I might just crawl into my closet and die.

I dont look like a nice person, but I swear I am!! If you're genuine and honest with me I'll give you as much of me as I can. Doesn't hurt to be a wee bit spunky either...I like spunky...hehe
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I dont have preferences. I have REQUIREMENTS. If there is going to be any kind of touchy feely stuff, you MUST HAVE A PENIS!! No girls for me ta; although, you smart ones may have noticed I'm seeking couples (male, female). I have a love for photography and need willing MF subjects, for tasteful, nude, black and white shots....let me know if you're interested and I can show you some of my work.

Ok, so preferences. I like smart men. I like modern IT nerds; the scruffy lookin ones. And I have to say, spelling has always been a big thing for me. If a man can spell and use grammar and punctuation correctly, oh god, I'm in. It helps if you're, oh, say, 6 ft 4 too. But all this rubbish aside, a woman can be attracted to more than one type of man; short, tall, skinny, chubby, I just wont know until I find it....